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Our Red Coral Range

Floral Red Coral Sterling Silver Pendant

A round cut, polished and resin-coated piece of Red Coral prominently sits on its mount atop of an intricate Ajoure Sterling Silver openwork.

The Silver openwork displays a beautiful floral design that creates multiple heart shapes surrounded by flowers.

Red Coral Sterling Silver Heart

Red coral is set expertly in the sterling silver heart comprising a beautiful design.

Open and airy, twirls of silver fill the empty spaces in between the flowing red coral shapes.

This pendant is created with beautiful materials with careful and precise handcrafting for a stunning result

Handmade Sponge Coral Ajoure Silver Floral Pendant Hidden Bail

Handmade red Sponge Coral Ajoure silver floral pendant is featured with an hidden bail

This presents the pear shaped coral cabochon diligently framed with high polished 925 Sterling Silver and enhanced with a gorgeous Ajoure silver leaf tendril that emerges from the relief of a beautiful flower escorted by a dainty leaf and lays itself onto the coral.

Presented on a choker necklace or a smart omega chain this striking composition of glossy, resin glazed vibrant red coral and delicate floral silver jewelry, presentsĀ a high fashion style.

Ajoure Sterling Silver Foliage Triangular Red Coral Dangle Earrings

A foliage-like, polished Sterling Silver ornament partially covers a Red Sponge Coral in each of these attractive dangle earrings.

The Coral is completely framed by the shiny silver, cut precisely to fit into the curved triangular frame to introduce contrast into the design.

Silver french wire dangle earrings whose beauty is a product of natural materials and expert craftsmanship

Red Coral Pendant Floral Sterling Silver Ornament

A flashy ornament of sterling silver displays twirls, circles and tiny dots featuring a pretty flower on its end.

All of these are accentuated and shown in detail over the glossy surface of the teardrop red coral piece, to create a beautiful handmade pendant.

Paisley-shaped 925 Silver Red Coral Pendant with Turtle Bail

Sterling silver pendant adorned with cute silver turtles and contrasting red sponge coral.

Three small turtles and silver twirls embellish one half of the pendant, while the other half displays a polished piece of red sponge coral.

A fourth turtle serves as the bail in which the chain will be inserted.

Ornate Marquise Sterling Silver Red Coral Pendant

The smooth surface of a marquise cut Red Coral displays a gentle curvature.

The polished surface of the coral has also been covered with resin, to protect it against the passage of time.

A polished sterling silver strip holds the coral, while a multitude of small discs and antiqued silver dots embellish it and create a timeless piece of jewelry.

Alluring Red Coral in Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings Open Twirl

The juxtaposition of contrasting colors and soft curved shapes creates a pair of exciting sterling silver earrings.

An open space creating a swirling shape is flanked by a lower area of several silver lines arranged in a swirly pattern, while the top is lined with a row of increasingly bigger silver dots.

Just to one side, a vibrant red sponge coral piece is carefully inserted. Beautiful shapes, top quality materials and craftsmanship make this pair of dangle earrings unique.

Red Coral Paisley Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings Swirling Decor

Beautiful shapes composed of soft flowing lines are incorporated into creating this pair of sterling silver earrings.

One side is completely filled with vibrant red coral, while the other side of the earrings displays a open work of feather-like swirls.

A beautiful pair of 925 silver earrings for everyday wear.

Handmade Red Sponge Coral 925 Sterling Silver Twirl Earrings

Handmade red Coral 925 Sterling Silver Dangle earrings feature the casing that wraps around the round cut, carefully polished, resin glazed Coral.

This reveals dashing colour through the open spaces of the high polished, bright shining twirl. The twirl is cut out carefully by hand fromĀ a sheet of 925 Sterling Silver and hammered into shape, fitting the Coral like a glove.

The shine of the silver of these earrings is contrasted by the gorgeous, warm red colour and composes a remarkable coral silver jewelry that dangles alluring on swing loops.

Handmade Cute Red Coral Earrings Maxi Dangle Effect

These red Coral Dangle earrings are designed to cheer up the mood of any woman wearing them.

Playfully arranged, the spheres are interconnected and grow in size from top to bottom, having a maximum dangling effect .

Little brightly polished caps and three silver spheres on wire complete this cute pair of Coral Danglers with an additional eye-catching effect. These handmade earrings can be worn with jeans but also with an elegant ensemble and come with hooks.