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Meet Kish

After completing my Diploma in NZ Business, I found an interest in the medium of pounamu – collecting a variety of New Zealand jade from old prospectors and pioneers of the jade industry scattered sparsely throughout the Wild West Coast of the South Island.

Building up quite a fascinating collection, I began working natural ornamental stones by hand and bringing to life their amazing colours from within. This process has given me an understanding and appreciation of the dynamics of greenstone,

My working combination with Barry has been a great learning experience through self-teaching each other the art of greenstone carving. Together we carve new age and contemporary designs as well as traditional Maori and universal themes.

Kish started Kishan Creations Limited in March 2016, but remains involved with Jennas Trading through the stalls and pop up stores familiar around Wellington. Jenna’s Trading Limited – is a family owned business which consists of 3 people. The father and son duo of Barry & Kish are the jade carvers, while mum (Meena) is the expert at attractive traditional Maori lashings and cord-weaving, all done by hand.

Kish formed a workshop with Barry – who originally began his career in 1969 as an accomplished and skilled diamond cutter (the science of changing diamond from a rough stone into a faceted gem).

If you have your very own design Kish will quote and craft your special request.